This minimal 3D-printed side table features unique interlocking storage sections

A beautifully designed piece of furniture has the power to lend an air of elegance and calm to an otherwise mundane or messy space. It doesn’t have to be large, nor does it have to be woven with bells and tassels, its simplistic minimal demeanor is enough to add an interesting spark to a basic living room. And the Drop Side Table just happens to be one such kind of furniture design. Side tables are usually ignored, and paid a meager amount of attention to while buying. However, the Drop Side Table was definitely paid a considerable amount of attention to while designing, hence resulting in a simple yet power-packed piece of furniture.

Designer: Deniz Aktay for recozy

Designed by Deniz Aktay, the Drop Side Table is a clean, minimal, and chic piece. Aktay says that the Drop table was 3D-printed in vase mode, which basically means printing time and the usage of material are optimized and minimized. Recycled PTA and recycled wood fibers were utilized for the 3D-printing process. The resulting product is a thoughtfully and skilfully designed furniture piece that requires minimum materials and a simple production process but provides excellent output and functionality.

The side table features a unique and asymmetrical twisting point which allows it to be utilized from every side, even if it is turned upside down! Pretty interesting, no? The twisting storage sections of the side table can be used to store a variety of items from books and magazines to tealights or smaller flowers. Whereas the upper base can be used as a tabletop, as can the lower base if the table is turned upside down. No matter how you turn or place the Drop side table, its functionality remains untouched and preserved, allowing you to utilize it in any position.

The different contouring and interlocking sections of the Drop table provide the furniture piece with a geometrically unique and innovative aesthetic and a rather refreshing identity. The table occupies a minimum amount of space and can be placed cozily into any nook or cranny of your home. Overall, the Drop table is a thoughtfully designed, functional, and good-looking furniture design.