The Light Phone 2 wants to save our world from a Black Mirror future

After raising a staggering $3.5 million dollars on Indiegogo to fund its production, the Light Phone 2 is here to fight the good fight against bad tech. There isn’t any conclusive proof that being incredibly digitally connected makes humans happier in any way. The technology that was designed to serve us is now in control of us, and like any uncontrollable addiction, the Light Phone’s remedy is simple… detoxify yourself.

Designed to promote communication in a way that is respectful to humans, the Light Phone 2 is a simple, minimal device that gives you the tools you need to stay in touch with the people you truly care about. Enabling you to call and text through an interface that feels familiar and minimal at the same time, the Light Phone 2 doesn’t consume you with notifications from apps, instant social gratification, or worrisome trolls who just want to make others feel bad about themselves. The phone comes with a black and white e-ink touchscreen interface that’s easy to use and comfortable on the eyes and mind. It doesn’t have a camera, or access to social media, mails, or endless news feeds (basically it removes the possibility of information overload), but it retains the important stuff, like a music player, a calendar, calculator, notepad, as well as complete essentials like a map service and a taxi-hailing service… giving you a phone that’s quite literally good for your wellbeing. It promotes a healthier happier life while giving you the tools you need to go about your day, and the absence of an app-market means nobody can ever track your information!

Designer: Light