Gorgeous 3D-printed Nintendo Switch dock makes your gaming console rest on Japanese zen clouds

With a two-part design that snaps together right around your existing Switch dock, this rather whimsical 3D print from Holoprops elevates your gaming console in an aesthetic sense! Designed to make it look like your Switch is nestled amongst Japanese clouds, Holoprops’ dock really turns your piece of tech into beautiful sculptural home decor. Moreover, the model is also carefully designed to make sure it doesn’t obstruct the airflow of the Switch while it’s docked or the cables at the back.

Designer: Holoprops

The Japanese Cloud Dock takes inspiration from the ‘Kumo’, or the Japanese cloud motifs often found in arts, prints, and even in traditional clothing (the Kumo patterns can be popularly found in kimono designs). The dock comes in two parts and can be printed without any support structures. Once printed, the two parts simply snap into place, creating a single sculptural unit that can fit both the Switch Classic and Switch OLED variants.

The Japanese Cloud Dock does give the Nintendo Switch a unique aura, taking it from gaming device to home decor in a way that really adds a certain element of fantasy to your home. You could place it on your coffee table, TV console, or anywhere you would keep your Switch dock, and its blank canvas is also perfect for a nice custom paint job!

While the dock isn’t readily available for purchase, the 3D STL file can be bought on Cults3D for a small sum of $3.37 (with instructions on how to print it effectively too). You can then print your file in any color, using single or multi-color filaments, or even making it translucent for a more dreamy effect. If you want to kick things up a notch, try adding a few LEDs underneath to really make your console shine! Once purchased, the 3D file is yours to keep, and you can print as many units as you want. Holoprops even will allow you to sell your prints (all you need to do is contribute to their Patreon page).