These new-generation candles add a calming process to your bedtime routine

Don’t we all fall asleep every night while scrolling through our phones? Attending to all of the notifications received throughout the day feels like a responsibility. However, responding to any of these notifications opens up an entire thread of messages, causing you to lose track of time and fall behind on your sleep routine.

People in the pre-tech era had better sleeping habits. Blue light is harmful to the eyes and affects one’s circadian rhythms (aka sleep-wake cycle) which is why it is recommended that one does not look at any screen till two hours before sleeping in order to have a good and well-rested sleep.

Designer: Pelin Özbalcı

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Candles were utilized for purposes other than fragrance in the past. Candle timers are thin candles with evenly spaced markings that, when lighted, represent the passage of time. They also provided a soothing environment to promote one’s circadian rhythms but lacked the ease and dependability of modern technologies. Many people find it difficult merely to lie down and sleep. Our minds are glued to the distractions that the screens offer. We wait till our eyes fatigue and dry out and we can no longer stay awake. This one-of-a-kind method for truly unwinding and relaxing your mind is exactly what you need to incorporate into your everyday sleep regimen.

CClock is a modern-day candle timer that incorporates simple mechanic controls while retaining the simplicity and tranquility of traditional candle clocks. This product allows one to reap the benefits without having to worry about running out of wax.

The clock features an adjustable lever and a darkened timer, allowing customers to personalize their experience and adapt it to their preferred ambiance. This keeps a person preoccupied and disconnected from the screen one can zone out and eventually fall asleep by watching the candle burn out. The approach encourages a healthy sleep cycle. However, the use of yellow light as an alternative to the currently recommended white light can be looked into it. Yellow light is better suitable for resting eyes and would improve the peaceful experience by proving beneficial for circadian rhythms.

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The body of the battery-operated CClock has a sleek and modern appearance and is accented with six orange dots, each signifying 10 minutes of total timer capacity for a maximum of 60 minutes. This allows customers to set their desired relaxation time easily and correctly, with clear and easy indicators that improve usage and convenience.

CClock can also be used as part of the ambient lighting in a room. To illuminate the entire product, flip the lever upwards once it has reached its maximum position and has darkened entirely. This operation will disable the timer and allow the candle to burn completely and indefinitely. This function gives users more freedom in how they use the device by allowing them to switch from timed relaxation to full candlelight as needed.

The design can be upgraded by adding a feature of the sunlight alarm. Sunlight alarms are lights that progressively brighten up at a set time allowing you to gradually experience and wake up as the sun rises. Combining the 2 products would undoubtedly upsell this thoughtful design.

The candle’s framework is intended to be versatile. In addition to serving as a stable platform for the electronic candle and lever mechanism, the base has a small compartment for rings or other small things. This enhanced functionality allows consumers to store jewelry, hair accessories, chains, earphones, or any other valuables while using the device in a convenient and secure location.