Samsung Reveals Revolutionary OLED Panel with Built-in Fingerprint Scanner and Heart Rate Sensor

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of electronics giant Samsung, unveiled a world’s first OLED display with its own integrated fingerprint scanner capable of monitoring its user’s blood pressure as well as heart rate. Dubbed the “Sensor OLED”, Samsung revealed its innovative new display at the Display Week 2023, an exhibition for the electronic display industry currently being held in Los Angeles. The Sensor OLED, Samsung Display mentions, is poised to be a powerful tool for health monitoring right within your smartphone or tablet.

Designer: Samsung Display

The Sensor OLED is more than just a scanner and monitor. It’s a comprehensive health assistant designed with you in mind. It has the capabilities to measure stress levels, tracl sleep patterns, and provide essential data to enhance users’ overall health and wellness. According to Samsung Display, in order to take accurate readings, measurements need to be taken from both arms simultaneously, quite similar to how you would with the Kardia device by AliveCor. The OLED screen offers multitouch abilities, but goes beyond by also being able to recognize both left and right hand fingers at the same time. This new display helps simplify health monitoring and increase accessibility by allowing anyone with a smartphone to measure their fitness without splurging for a fitness wearable.

This cutting-edge piece of technology is realized thanks to Samsung Display’s state-of-the-art organic photodiode (OPD) technology. The OPD, a light-sensitive sensor, is the beating heart of the Sensor OLED. It adeptly captures fingerprints and heart rate data, incorporating these vital features right into the panel. Samsung hasn’t really unveiled any roadmap for when the display will officially find itself on devices, but it could possibly bring an end to the cheap fitness tracker industry.