The Watch Strap that Makes TWO Fashion Statements!

The Remod X is the perfect partner to the multifunctional Apple Watch in the sense that it too multi-tasks. Made with a front and back, the Remod X straps for your watch can be flipped over to reveal a completely different persona, allowing you to own and showcase your watch with denim, leather, Cordura, or even wood straps by simply flipping them over.

Built with a mechanism you’d normally see in double-sided belts, the Remod X treats your watch as an object of desire, allowing it to make a strong fashion statement (or rather multiple strong fashion statements). With a clever mechanism that can be easily flipped 180°, and a jump buckle that can be flipped too, the Remod X makes watch straps less boring, and puts some impressive materials on your wrist.

Available in materials like fluoroelastomer, leather, denim, Cordura, and even an innovative wood strap, the Remod X has a wide variety to choose from. The Fluroelastomer is highly resistant to heat, oil, chemicals and wear, making it both visually and physically suitable for a sporty lifestyle. The Italian leather variant explores a sporty look too, with vibrant colors that combine well together, making for a pleasant mix-n-match. For people looking for something more classic, the Remod X’s makers also collaborated with the Horween Leather Company to produce a series of straps that boast of century-old craftsmanship and leather so unique, it’s a class apart. Even more classic than that is the Remod X Kirabo denim series, that partners with Japan’s first denim mill running since 1888, and makes use of Japanese Indigo, considered one of the purest and most vibrant hues in the industry. For those looking for durability, the Remod X Cordura bands boast of military-grade fabric quality, promising resilience and longevity that not many can rival. However, the most innovative of all is the Remod X Ligneah that uses laser-cut wood veneers to achieve a wooden finish, but also flexibility, giving your watch an appeal that’s literally unique, since each band showcases a different woodgrain.

The Remod X watch straps are pretty much brand agnostic, working with all watches that let you swap straps. With a dual quick-release function that allows for easy interchanging, you can swap straps on your watch with relative ease, ditching your one-dimensional strap for Remod X’s signature dual-sided straps… and if you’re bored of side A, simply twist the strap over to unlock an absolutely new avatar!

Designers: Jason Lim, Suzie Lim & Peggy Lee

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Reversible Mechanism

The Remod X strap features a unique, Reversible Mechanism that performs our Pull, Twist & Lock function to change up the face to suit your mood and style.It combines different materials in a single strap. Twist from Rubber to Leather. Or Rubber to Wood. For a dynamic change that looks and feels the part.

Jump Buckle

Our team’s attention to detail is obsessive, so it should be no surprise that we developed a Jump Clasp mechanism to intuitively shift the pin lock from one side to the other side. The result: no matter how you twist it, your watch will feel perfect on your wrist.

Dual Quick Release

Even down to the very simple process, connecting the strap to your watches; we want Remod X to be enjoyed to its full potential by everyone. That’s why we developed our Dual Quick Release function, which is designed for left and right handed individual to have the best experience swapping from one watch strap to the other.



Horween Leather Company was founded in 1905. For more than 100 years and five generations our goal has been to make the world’s best leather. Making the best means doing lots of little things right. It means never mistaking fastest or cheapest with the best. It means always using formulas that do not cut corners, and choosing components strictly for their quality. Horween Leather offers an unparalleled blend of quality, consistency, responsiveness, and innovation. Through the years, we have cultivated our experience to offer dynamic lines of leathers. Our products include traditional, old world tannages and techniques, carefully updated with modern applications. Today, our leathers are still made by hand, the same way as generations ago.



The wood used by Ligneah© comes exclusively from forests that are managed ethically and with respect for the whole ecosystem. The certification FSC© guarantees the traceability and origin of the wood. Thanks to an agreement with Tree Nation, for each product sold a tree is planted in Niger. We chose Tree Nation because it is an independent international organization committed to fighting climate change, desertification and poverty by promoting and supporting reforestation projects in different parts of the world. Micro-incisions made by laser help to increase the pliancy of the wood panel. The closer together the lines of incision, the softer the wood becomes.



Founded in 1888, Kurabo is one of the few remaining cotton spinning companies in Japan today. We have been developing and producing denim products for over 40 years using our proprietary technologies in spinning, dying, weaving, and finishing Kurabo is committed to continuously improving and perfecting our products and services since our inception. This allows us to quickly identify needs in the denim market and resultantly provide products that go beyond our customers’ expectations. No wonder Kurabo is a globally known denim mill and recognized as a leader in the world denim market.



CORDURA® fabric is what many of the most respected brands, retailers and militaries around the world use when they need to make a product that’s durable, versatile and reliable. Constructed using high tenacity fiber technologies, weight for weight, CORDURA® fabrics are exceptionally durable. Fact is, no matter the application, our fabrics are “best-in-class.” But more importantly, they have to pass our own stringent test criteria before they can earn the CORDURA® brand name. They’re available in a wide range of weights – from ultra lightweight to heavy weight. And CORDURA® fabrics come in many different constructions and textures. All in all, they’re the fabrics that make strong, long-lasting products even tougher in several categories – from outdoor gear and workwear to luggage, military and upholstery.

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