This Rolls-Royce concept mixes a bit of ‘futuristic sportiness’ into the brand’s iconic luxury DNA

Designed by Netherlands-based Ugur Sahin Design, the USD RR X is a Rolls-Royce concept that walks the careful tightrope between being a legacy RR automobile and being audaciously different. The luxury car borrows its main silhouette from the likes of Wraith and Spectre, with their luxurious-but-sporty appeal, while introducing a few minimalistic tweaks to the overall aesthetic, including sleeker headlights, edge-lines on the side, and those gorgeous aerospace-inspired rims.

Designer: Ugur Sahin Design

The Rolls-Royce X (or RR X for short) balances legacy and avant-garde beautifully, like an experimental music album from a legacy artist looking to break molds. There’s familiarity in every part of the design, and Sahin does a stellar job of maintaining that, while still taking on a reductionist, minimalistic approach wherever possible. The car’s front feels reminiscent of the Phantom, which is arguably the one car that I truly identify as RR’s magnum opus… however, the sides blend a little into Spectre territory, and the rear feels like a complete overhaul, with a split rear-view windscreen and horizontal taillights that are quite unlike RR’s design DNA, but feel like a wonderfully natural fit.

The Rolls-Royce X’s magic lies in the eyes, Chico. The headlights have character, with their slim design that isn’t as slim as the single strip seen on the Spectre. Instead, there’s just enough weight to it, giving the front of the car a discerning stare, while an additional set of fog lights underneath help further illuminate the road ahead.

The RR X’s rear feels like Ugur’s creative playground. The car features a beautiful single-panel windshield that extends all the way to the top, while splitting into two at the rear to create an air-vent-like design. The split rear windscreen is complemented by similarly latitudinal taillights, followed by exhausts built right into the fairing.

“The wheel design is directly inspired by the turbine shapes used in aircraft engines and is a worthy compliment to the RR brand’s rich aviation history,” Ugur Sahin tells Yanko Design. At the center of the wheels lies the classic RR logo, a signature detail seen on the marque’s cars, along with the iconic Spirit of Ecstacy on the hood.

The roof of the car features a single piece of glass that stretches all the way from the front to the top, creating a panoramic windscreen that’s a treat for both the driver as well as passenger. Suicide-style doors are yet another signature element of Rolls-Royce’s cars, and the RR X is no different, featuring doors that lead to a luxurious red interior that makes you feel like a movie star.

Ugur Sahin is a Netherlands-based automotive designer, known for building remarkably beautiful custom cars for enthusiastic patrons. The designer, who’s been running his own studio since 2017, has worked on cars from brands like Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ferrari, and now Rolls-Royce. You can follow his work on his website, or on his Instagram.