This all-weather Land Rover camper can be driven to the outdoors for a night off the grid

A futuristic vehicle can have the freedom to explore natural settings, ideal for adventure seekers who don’t want to be limited by the sophistication of ultra-modern four-wheelers. This concept off-roading vehicle inspired by the iconic Land Rover Series I proves that alright, with its flexible design that’s tailored for people who believe in minimalism while en route their next escapade. The brain-child of transportation designer Edwin Senger from Ulm, Germany, the travel off-roader has a very clever and simple approach – using the available space smartly.

Edwin calls it the ‘Land Rover Back Packer’ with the inherent vision of luring young adventure seekers to have reason enough to explore the outdoors even more. The 4×4 open-air electric vehicle is your safe haven to sleep under the starry sky, cook meals on an extended adventure trip, or pitch a mobile tent to have some quality time with your pal. When things get a little rough with the climate, the two-seater vehicle can also be fitted with the weather protection kit. In essence, it is an all-terrain vehicle for every climatic condition or geographical region. The buggy-like off-roader comes with a flexible solar sail for harnessing the sun’s energy to power the onboard electric battery and providing shade in the scorching heat. Finally, when the night hits the terrain, the seats can be retracted back for you to sleep and gaze through the semi-transparent weather protection material.

The Land Rover Back Packer will be 3D printed to keep the manufacturing costs down and make sure the modularity of the design is not hampered. It can be fitted with modular travel kits for keeping stuff like tents, a fridge, a cooking set, and a foldable chair. Overall the travel off-road capable buggy makes any adventure – big or small – fit within your weekend plans.

Designer: Edwin Senger