Aviointeriors proposes plastic barrier to allow safe flying

This is what flying economy class could look like post COVID-19! Inspired by the Roman god of beginnings and transitions, the Janus seat is the future of travel.

This design could be the new norm in the airline industry to allow passengers some degree of isolation and distancing while sitting next to each other. The first concept of the two-faced Janus seat by Aviointeriors simply reverses the center seat and separates all three passengers with a shield made of transparent material. This creates a protective barrier for everyone while giving each passenger their own space isolated from others, even from people who walk through the aisle. It is made using easy-to-sanitize and safe materials with an option to customize the transparency.

Named after the Roman god of beginnings, transitions, time, duality and endings, who had two faces, which meant he could look both to the future and to the past. Very fitting as we transition from this pandemic into our new normal!

Designer: Aviointeriors