This desktop night-lamp also wirelessly charges your smartphone

A portmanteau of the words Lamp and Balance, the Lance night-light and wireless-charger is the kind you’d stop to admire for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a cute, quaint product that sits obediently on your tabletop, but at the same time, it charges your phone, so you’re not distracted by a screen.

The Lance was created as a project by Francesco Brunetti while he was a student at Design School Kolding, Denmark as a collaboration with IKEA. The brief was to design ‘furniture for small spaces which should have playful characteristics as well as foster togetherness’, and the Lance truly delivers. Its relatively flat design doesn’t have any sharp edges, making it feel instantly friendly, and the warm LED light on the top can be changed in color as well as intensity to soothe your room with a wash of ambient light.

The Lance at the same time also serves as a wireless charger for smartphones, thanks to a slot right beneath the light wide enough to slide your phone too. The slot is covered by the night-light in a clever bid to obscure the screen so you aren’t distracted, and while all that’s happening, your phone’s battery gets juiced! Really clever, eh?

Designers: Francesco Brunetti in collaboration with IKEA and DSKD