Minimalist wooden armchair doubles up as a convenient desk

We often underestimate the importance of a great armchair, especially in our living rooms. When in reality, we shouldn’t. The right armchair not only serves as a comfy and ergonomic seating option but also adds a certain depth of character and personality to the living room. An excellent armchair functions as the perfect spot to lounge about, have a snack, and or chill while interacting with your family and friends. And one such armchair that you should consider adding to your living space is the Tailor Armchair.

Designer: SUNRIU Design

Designed by SUNRIU Design, what makes the Tailor armchair super interesting, and a rather unique design is that it can be used as an armchair and a desk. SUNRIU Design was inspired by the fact that during a certain period in history, cushions were added to the top of chairs. This was done so that when people played cards, which was a pretty popular pastime then, other people could watch them playing. They would nestle up against the back of the chair, and let their chins rest on the chair, allowing them to comfortably observe the game. This inspired the designer to create a piece of furniture that could function as two kinds of furniture. And with this chain of thought – the Tailor armchair was born!

If you want to use it as an armchair, you can simply rest and place your back on the raised panel or plank of plywood that is placed at the center of the chair. The raised panel is further supported by a vertical curved panel. These panels function as the back support, allowing you to comfortably sit back against the armchair. If you wish to use it as a desk, you can instead use the raised panel as a tabletop, and fit your legs into the blank spaces created by the intersection of the raised panel with the vertical curved panel. So the same panels of plywood that characterize the design as an armchair, also allow it to convert into a desk!

You can also connect multiple Tailor armchairs to create a modular and flexible furniture system that would work great for commercial offices or even schools! Since kids would love such a fun and multifunctional design that allows them flexibility and activity while studying.