This cordless, touch-sensitive lamp provides the perfect upgrade to home decor in 2020

It’s strange that we haven’t had the audacity to reinvent basic home decor along with our tech products. Meet Cuppa, a completely cordless lamp and shade that travels with you, allowing you to place it practically anywhere without worrying about having it near a socket. What sets Cuppa apart from any battery-powered or USB-powered lamp (or even the portable oil-powered ones) is its ability to look contemporary while being sufficiently advanced. Designed as truly portable home decor, the Cuppa is a lamp and shade you can carry to different rooms, placing practically anywhere. It’s as chic as any lampshade you’d find in an IKEA catalog while being as portable as a candlestand… and hey, it has a touch-sensitive base that lets you tap anywhere to switch it on or off, so you’re never fumbling for the switch in the dark.

The reason I call the Cuppa a reinvention of basic home decor is because it categorically reinvents itself in every aspect of lamp design. For starters, it does away with switches by itself being a switch. Tap anywhere on the body and the Cuppa switches on or off. You can even tap and hold to get the light to dim to your desired intensity. The lamp, aside from being wireless and touch-activated, is also durable, waterproof and shockproof. It even features a flame-retardant lampshade, has an anti-slip base that keeps it stable on slanted surfaces, and comes with 12 hours of run time on a full battery.

The cordless, buttonless Cuppa weighs as much as a cup of coffee (hence the name). Fitted inside is an energy-saving dimmable LED bulb that you can choose the warmth of. You even get to choose between three Cuppa body colors and a variety of lampshades to suit your space. The Cuppa charges via Type-C and can provide over 2 hours of light on 10 minutes of charging. All in all, what the Cuppa does for lighting is comparable to what the smart-speaker does for the hi-fi home audio system. While we still live in homes with wired lamps that run on incandescent bulbs (that can’t be carried from room to room), Cuppa retains a contemporary Nordic-minimal style while giving the lamp a few subtle yet much-needed upgrades. At $99, it gives you a lamp that’s portable, touch-sensitive, waterproof, eco-friendly, flame-retardant, shock-proof, and still worthy of sitting beautifully amongst the rest of your home decor. Plus, pop a smart-bulb into it and you can even control your lamp remotely via your phone or voice-assistant.

Designers: Kevin Smith & Marco Wen

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $150 (34% off). Hurry, only 6/285 left!

Cuppa: A Cordless LED Touch Lamp with All the Features You Need

The Cuppa is a minimalist yet functional LED lamp that is portable, touch-sensitive, waterproof, eco-friendly, flame-retardant and shock-proof.

Cuppa comes in 3 colors and it perfectly blends in with all types of furniture & decorations.

Cordless Matters

Say goodbye to your messy desktop. Never trip over power cords again. Simply carry Cuppa around and place it anywhere, anytime! A reading lamp, a bedside lamp, an ambient lamp, a backup lamp during a blackout or even just a final touch to your furniture and décor.

The 360°Any Touch

The 360°Any Touch means Cuppa can be switched on/off from any position on the base, no more fumbling around for a tiny switch on the cord.

With its patent-pending 360°Any Touch Technology, Cuppa is the world’s first cordless lamp featuring full-body touch control.

Buttonless Design, Stepless Dimming & Memory Mode

The buttonless design doesn’t sacrifice any functions. With its 360°Any Touch Technology, Cuppa still features stepless dimming and memory mode.

Touch & hold to trigger the stepless dimming.

The memory mode allows you to turn Cuppa back on each time, at the previous brightness level.

TYPE C Fast Charging

Featuring TYPE C fast charging, Cuppa can last for 2 hours with only 10 mins charging. With a full charge (2.5 hours), it can stay on for as long as 12 hours.

You can even charge Cuppa with a power bank, meaning that you can use Cuppa as a perfect backup lamp, especially during a blackout.

Decent Weight

Lightweight means poor quality, plastic material and a tendency to fall over. Heavyweight lamps are fragile and not easy to move around. Cuppa weighs a decent 1.98lbs (about the same weight as a cup of coffee), which makes it feel as good as it looks.

Meanwhile, the sticky base pad makes Cuppa extremely steady, with zero chance of it falling off.

Waterproof Base & Flame Retardant Shade

Since Cuppa is designed to be frequently carried around, they built Cuppa to a very strict quality standard. Featuring an IP65 waterproof base, a flame-retardant, and water-resistant lampshade, Cuppa is technically the lamp version of “King Kong Barbie”.

They even made it 100% safe and kids friendly, there is absolutely no risk of an electrical shock.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $150 (34% off). Hurry, only 6/285 left!