This ‘sunset lamp’ also has a built-in incense burner that creates a foggy winter sunset in your room

Imagine looking out of your window to see layers of wispy fog kissing the mountains in front of you. Trees emerging from the smoke, with only their coniferous tips visible. The sun touching the horizon in the distance, a cup of coffee in your hand. Quite a change from your current view, with buildings blocking your view of the sky, pigeons, honking cars, cacophony, no? Well, regardless of your urban setup, the Brume hopes to transport you to the tranquility of the foggy mountains with a simple flip of a switch. Part sunset lamp (or rather, spotlight), and part incense burner, Brume casts a glow of light against your wall, while the smoke from the incense sticks help create fog-like wispy patterns against the light, and simultaneously fills your room with a pleasant aroma to make you forget the world around you.

Designers: Jeseok Poong, Designer Dot, workplace 42

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The beauty of the Brume is its multisensory nature. It’s a lamp but more than just one. Designed to fill your room with ambient light while also helping you escape reality, the Brume does a wonderful job of being greater than the sum of its parts. The light and smoke come together to remind you of the mountains, and the clouds at eye level.

Brume can be split into its two parts – the sunset lamp, which casts a focused circular shape on any wall that you point it at, and an electric incense burner that sits right in front of it, emitting the fragrant smoke right in front of the light source. The incense burner uses a set of ‘tablets’ as opposed to conventional incense sticks or cones. Place the tablet into its slot on the Brume’s tray, and you’re ready to be transported to the wintry mountains. Switch the Brume on and the device simultaneously activates the incense burner as well as the lamp, with a knob on the side to control the lamp’s brightness. The device runs on a battery, giving it a couple of hours’ worth of use on a full charge, and a USB-C port at the back lets you charge your Brume every couple of days.

Rendered on KeyShot: Click Here to Download Your Free Trial Now!