This Instagrammer’s collection of Hype Chairs sneakerizes classic furniture designs to awe us

Marco Rambaldi is a dreamer and for a ‘dreamer, reality is boring!’ No wonder he has employed AI and Photoshop skills to relieve his boredom and conjure up Hype Chairs that dress as Nike sneakers.

While the Instagrammer, who goes by the name of MarkVonRama, has sneakerheads drooling over his imagined versions of chairs; his handle comes with a disclaimer ‘nothing real and nothing for sale.’ This can be information for those who don’t lose sanity in awe; but the awed only realize the obvious after bombarding the comment section with needy blabber.

Designer: MarkVonRama

The artist and designer’s chair designs include Nike makeover of furniture pieces from Herman Miller and Miles van der Rohe. In addition to the sneaker-themed chairs, he previously shared sneaker-themed AI houses on the social media platform, which also garnered ample attraction.

MarkVonRama’s latest creation reimagines the Eames Lounge and Ottoman as Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Chicago” and the Eames Molded Shell Rocking chair as the Ambush Air Force 1. Since the Hype Chairs are not meant for lounging and are only for the eyes; the creative liberty has Jump man logo, fabric tags, and Swooshes all protruding from the sides of these furniture pieces.

There are eight chairs in the collection some of which – other than the AJ 1 and AF 1 – are based on designs from Mies van der Rohe and Vitra. These have armrests featuring Swooshes and lace eyelets from Air Jordan 4, adding to the sneaker-inspired aesthetic.