Procter & Gamble’s new Air Freshener looks like a realistic planter and activates using motion-sensing

It isn’t particularly common for a large legacy brand like P&G to take to crowdfunding, but the global giant is pushing the boundaries with its new and inventive range of motion-controlled air fresheners that look like actual planters. Project Bloom is the result of a collaboration between scientists, engineers, designers, and innovators right within P&G who are looking to disrupt the fragrance industry with something that looks as good as it smells.

Designer: Procter & Gamble

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“Most air fresheners stick out like a sore thumb,” said one user while describing a pretty obvious but unresolved problem with the current freshener industry. Air fresheners have natural fragrances like rose, pine, lavender, citrus – but their form, conversely, is designed to look incredibly appliance-ish, with their ‘elegantly functional’ design and abundant use of plastic. There’s nothing natural about the design of most commercial air fresheners, so the folks at Project Bloom set out to design one. The result? Something so natural-looking it feels more like home decor.

Designed to look like a miniature planter that sits on your table, countertop, or even bookshelf, Bloom adds a touch of visual freshness to any space it’s placed in. The faux planter hides a cutting-edge air freshener inside, which activates when it detects movement. This means rooms and spaces smell fresh when you enter them, quite literally enriching your senses and uplifting your mood. Bloom doesn’t come with those obscure, chemical-ish scents either… The scents emitted by Bloom contain no dyes, phthalates, or formaldehyde. You’ve got three scents to choose from, formulated to remind you of fresh dewdrops, lavender fields, or crisp greenery.

Walk near or past the Bloom and it fills your immediate space with its aroma. A motion sensor built into the faux planter kicks in when it detects someone coming into a room. This means you never really need to switch it on or light it like a diffuser, or manually spray your room like a can of Febreze. Bloom is powered by a pair of scent cartridges that last an entire month before they need replacing. To replace the cartridges, just pop off the faux plant top and you’ll find the cartridges below. The upper faux plant topper is replaceable too, allowing you to easily swap between different succulents.

Aside from its aromatic abilities, Bloom also has a night light built into the planter’s base that switches on in the dark when it detects movement. Emitting an ambient warm glow, the planter comes to life in the dark when you walk past it, so you immediately know where you are and what’s around you.

The elegance of Bloom’s design extends to its functionality too. It needs no plugging-in, switching on, or constant monitoring. Unlike scented candles, there’s no fire and no danger of spilled wax. It creates no waste the way burning incense sticks does, and doesn’t use heat, steam, or aerosols like other fragrance diffusers. Sitting gracefully on your office table, home mantelpiece, or bathroom counter, Bloom just adds beauty to your space, through its refreshing aesthetics and aroma.

Each Bloom comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days (coinciding almost perfectly with those scent cartridges), and the LED within the night light is rated for 30,000 hours. Most crowdfunded campaigns do come with an element of risk associated with them, but the Procter & Gamble brand definitely lends credibility to the project. The Bloom starts at a discounted $30, and you can grab additional scent cartridges as a $5 add-on to your purchase.

Click Here to Buy Now: $30 $40 (25% off) Hurry! Only 3 Days Left!