Is Your Home Missing a Touch of Quirk? Meet the ‘Seat Urchin’ Rocking Chair!

Inspired by the Sea Urchin, which also happens to be quite the delicacy in Japan (locally known as Uni), this rocking chair breaks all stereotypes. It doesn’t look like your conventional rocking chair from pretty much any angle, but it functions as one rather well. Designed with a multi-pronged base, the chair lets you shift your center of gravity and rock forwards and backwards, or even side to side while you sit on the chair. It even comes with yellow cushions on the inside, reminiscent of the flesh of the urchin!

Designer: Yue Zhuo

Adorably named “SEAt Urchin”, the chair draws inspiration from the graceful curves of the iconic Magis Spun Chair – a rotationally molded top-shaped seat that causes you to spin back and forth through a similar center-of-gravity-shift exercise. “This unique piece of furniture is designed to evoke the fluid motion of ocean waves and the organic form of sea creatures,” says designer Yue Zhuo.

The SEAt Urchin stands out as a one-of-a-kind furniture piece with its remarkable 68-leg design, offering a deceptively smooth rocking motion without any risk of toppling over. Made from maple wood with individually attached wooden dowel legs, the SEAt Urchin Rocking Chair is both practical and visually striking. Its sleek matte black finish exudes elegance, while the vibrant yellow seat cushion adds a touch of color, grabbing your attention and instantly prompting your mind to make the sea urchin association. The seat cushions, meticulously stitched by hand, can be easily attached to the seat using Velcro. This convenient feature enables you to effortlessly alter the color and material of the cushions to match your personal style.

The SEAt Urchin is a Bronze Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2023.