Large cozy cushy-looking armchair was inspired by the huge mooring ropes used for ships

We often underestimate the importance of a great armchair, especially in our living rooms. When in reality, we shouldn’t. The right armchair not only serves as a comfy and ergonomic seating option but also adds a certain depth of character and personality to the living room. An excellent armchair functions as the perfect spot to lounge about, have a snack, and or chill while interacting with your family and friends. And one such armchair that you should consider adding to your living space is the Knitty Chair by Nika Zupanc.

Designer: Nika Zupanc for Moooi

Designed by Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc, the Knitty Chair is a bulky and chonky armchair that takes inspiration from the large mooring ropes for ships. The huge armchair features a chunky basket-weave design that mimics a knotted rope. The chair has been upholstered in a knitted fabric that features a quilted diamond pattern and is available in 15 different colors.

“It was inspired by these very big ropes with which very big ships are tied to the ports. It is trying to change the perspective on things, playing with the scale that we are used to seeing in our everyday lives,” said Nika Zupanc. The lounge chair looks extremely comfy, and cozy, despite featuring a pattern similar to knotted ropes. The designer says that the industrial settings in which these ropes are found really boost her imagination.” I really like forgotten parts of any city, suburban industrial zones that are usually a little bit melancholic. I love this kind of sadness that you can find in them, and they are full of details,” she said.

Zupanc designed the massive armchair for the brand Moooi, which champions and encourages young emerging designers to produce and display their work without influencing their vision. The end result of Zupanc’s unique vision is a visually interesting armchair that has been layered with depths of personality and character. Of course, the Knitty Chair’s aesthetics arent for everyone, they’re quite bold, and won’t work for those who prefer a more simpler and minimal style. But for those who love to experiment, and add loud and amusing pieces to their living space – the Knitty Chair is an impeccable choice!