Ergonomically designed hair-trimmer offers a great grip in a hyper-compact form facter

Unless you’re shaving your jaw, your hair trimmer doesn’t have to be in the shape of an ice cream cone. The conventional trimmer, with the long handle, isn’t particularly ergonomic when you’re using it in other parts of the body, so why do companies still make trimmers with that archaic template? Well, the QuickCut from Remington challenges the notion that a hair trimmer should be ‘handle-shaped’ by making it soap-shaped instead. Designed to provide a better grip with increased maneuverability, the QuickCut is perfect just because it lets you grip it naturally and move it around your body, whether it’s the top of your head, your body, or your ‘garden of masculinity’.

Designer: Remington Products

The QuickCut sports a puck-like shape that’s easy to grip and maneuver, sort of like an ergonomic mouse, a soap, or the gear stick of your car. Shorter and slightly wider than the traditional hair trimmer handle, this one allows you to naturally, and firmly hold onto it, easily allowing you to use it all over your body with confidence, while also ensuring the trimmer itself occupies less space when stored in your luggage while traveling too.

The way the QuickCut works is no different from any other clipper/trimmer. A motor and battery power the blades on the front, which can be used on their own for a clean shave, or with attachments for a fade or for retaining stubble or hair of a certain length. The power button sits right on top of the trimmer, but not immediately underneath your fingers. This means you’re less likely to shut the trimmer off by accident while shaving (something I do way too often with my current trimmer), and a charging port on the back lets you juice your QuickCut when its battery runs low. The entire trimmer can even be disassembled to make it easier to clean out hair from inside the trimmer every few weeks.