Rustic holiday cabin in an Austrian village was built using locally sourced timber and straw

Austria-based studio Juri Troy Architects designed the Straw Flea House – a visually intriguing and angular cabin located in the historic village of Murstetten. Built using locally sourced timber and straw, the rustic little cabin is designed to be a cozy weekend home, placed alongside a historic barn surrounded by green. The location is outside the village’s center, and is quite a peaceful and idyllic site, making it ideal for a weekend getaway, where guests can relax and unwind.

Designer: Juri Troy Architects

The cabin consists of a single bedroom, so it’s not exceptionally large and cannot accommodate too many people. But its location is wisely chosen, and the house has been oriented to allow views of nearby landmarks such as a church, through its huge windows. The cabin was constructed in collaboration with a local studio called Caravan Atelier and was designed to cause a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Hence, it was constructed using locally sourced and processed timber, and insulated using straw. “The house is elevated and only touches the terrain via the eight screw foundations; this means that no ground surface is sealed. Most of the materials used come from the immediate surroundings. The wood, both for the structural elements and for the surfaces, comes from the client’s own forests and was processed in the neighboring sawmill,” said the studio.

The interiors of the cabin include a living, dining, and kitchen area in a single space. The bathroom is located in the northern corner, with a mezzanine floor on top which holds the sleeping area. The sleeping space can be entered via a wooden staircase. As you may have noticed, the roof of the cabin slopes downward to the south, and it shelters a raised wooden terrace, and full-height folding glass doors. The wooden terrace and the stairs can be retracted using a system of pulleys, ensuring that the cabin can be closed-off if needed.

“The new building plays free of the surrounding buildings and stands solitarily, self-confidently, and naturally in the midst of the historical remains,” said the studio. The large panorama windows are aligned with the historical and landscape references, and offer an unrestricted view towards the church, into the valley, or to the remains of historical status in the park,” concluded the studio. The Straw Flea House is a comforting and cozy home that makes for a sweet getaway from city life and gives you a glimpse into simple village life if you’re looking for a taste of it.