Minimal ‘mini’ home in the mountains of Turkey feels larger than it is

Designed by Bologna-based firm STUDIOFEM, this beautiful 484 square-foot home is called the Mini – a name that does it justice quite rightly in appearance, but not in character. Although the home is still a concept and hasn’t made it to the ground yet, it still manages to be quite a beauty. Architects Francesca Morsiani and Mujgan Merve Rinaldi plan to tuck away the home in the village of Cavusin, Nevsehir, Turkey, surrounded by mountains on all sides.


The home features a rectangular structure that has been clad in dark brown vertical panels. The box-like form of the home is quite cute to look at it, and the wooden facade gives the home a rather rustic yet cozy look. The panels are intersected with floor-to-ceiling windows, that provide stunning views of the surrounding landscape while lending the space an air of openness and fluidity. The windows also impart the exterior with a sense of sleekness, which in combination with the panels give the home a pretty minimal and clean appearance. The floor-to-ceiling windows also ensure that generous amounts of natural light will continuously stream in throughout the day. They also help sustain a connection between the interiors and landscape, giving the impression that the inside of the home is larger than it seems.

Although the home occupies a tiny footprint, the interior feels quite open and spacious, offering views of the outside from all angles. The living space is open-plan with kitchen cabinets running along one wall before they transform into a built-in bench located at the entrance of the bedroom. It can be utilized to store and displays books and other souvenirs. The walls of the home have been kept pretty simple as well, lined with wooden panels, that add a bit of texture and rawness to the space.

The furniture also seems to be wooden, and it maintains the same minimal and neutral tone that has been followed throughout the home. The furniture pieces seem to be carefully curated, such that they perfectly complement the home, and do not contrast against it. The exterior, interior, and furnishings of the home line up together perfectly to create a living space that is warm, cozy, and inviting.