This Ain’t No Holiday Inn

Instead of letting hotels dictate where you vacation, why not make the hotel go where you want?! The latest in a trend of micoarchitecture, DROP is a moveable suite suitable for being placed wherever the heart desires (and land permits). The design is slightly elevated to avoid contact with the soil so as not to interfere with the environment when it’s removed. Spherical transparencies on either end can be positioned to face the most desirable views while bringing guests into direct contact with nature.

For the modern nomad, these eco-friendly ‘rooms’ are not only sustainable but surprisingly comfortable and perfectly integrated on the surrounding landscape. It’s especially suitable for anyone who has an inherent yearning for nature but doesn’t want to negatively impact on the environment.

Designer: IN-TENTA


  • Stephen Russell says:

    Make great cabin alone & be mobile via truck or copter to site.
    Have GPS device to locate for Pickup & reuse.
    Must for hotels in No CA, OR, WA, HI, NY State,
    Midwest, TN, FL, NM, UT for rural settings esp.
    Id rent one.

  • Christopher says:

    OK so how is this better than a trailer without wheels. It would at least need footings of some sort to stop it from rolling off those cliffs.
    I’m partial to a washroom myself. Where are the mechanicals – heating, cooling, water, waste, …
    What Where’s the screen doors to keep the bugs out?
    It looks wider than 8′, so it’s going to be tough to move on roads.
    Looks nice, but out of touch with the real world.

  • Andrew says:

    Looks great but I have to agree with Christopher that it remains me of a modern trailer then really a hotel.

  • Hunter says:

    Looks nicer than a Holiday Inn!

  • Roxie says:

    Stock management the easy way. I can not believe how much we preserved when we started to take this topic

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