Top 5 Midjourney Artists using AI to Blur The Lines Between Art and Architecture

There’s a unique dichotomy that’s emerging with AI tools. While all AI tools are essentially designed to automate activities and make life easier, AI tools like ChatGPT end up making our brains weaker because we get the AI to do all the thinking and writing for us, but on the other hand, AI tools like Midjourney end up making our brains more creative! Anything you can think of, Midjourney can visualize, and that has vast implications for our overall society as it pushes us all to be a little more visually imaginative.

Today’s list comprises global AI artists who are doing exactly that. The works of these artists feature unthinkably beautiful art installations, architectural wonders, and even interior elements that should make your jaw drop ever so slightly. Here are our favorite artists and creatives who are using AI tools like Midjourney to break the shackles of reality and explore creativity beyond it!

Joshua Vermillion (@joshuavermillion)

An Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and a published author, Joshua Vermillion’s experiments with AI stem from his architectural background. Vermillion’s work predominantly looks to explore the use of organic forms and vibrant colors in well-lit spaces, creating a menagerie of tints and shades. One of Vermillion’s most famous works involved creating unique tinted-glass structures in a desert. Stemming originally from the idea of building installations at Burning Man, he went on to explore the series in greater depth, creating unique organic structures that capture the whimsical nature of the human-AI creative partnership. You can check out Joshua’s work on his IG page.

Will Garner (

Will Garner’s experiments with AI stem from his architectural background too. An architect by profession, Garner touts the use of AI in his workflow to come up with unique ideas that may not seem feasible, but are definitely a direction worth aspiring to head in. Much of Garner’s later work has incorporated the use of metal sheets in the architectural facades to create shimmering structures, although his most popular projects have a biophilic touch to them, incorporating concrete and chlorophyll together to create buildings that immerse themselves in nature! Browse Will’s Instagram to see his work.

Vojtek Morsztyn (@vojtek_morsztyn)

London-based designer and CEO of Ocean Community, Vojtek Morsztyn is quite a mixed bag of talent. Vojtek has an impressive design background, working on projects such as airplane interiors, helicopters, boats and creating architectural spaces such as Mercury Tower for Zaha Hadid, Google, etc. Now actively involved as a designer in the world of AI design connecting with industry professionals on an international scale. Vojtek’s IG is just about as diverse as his own skills, and features a combination of futuristic transportation as well as architecture. The work displayed above takes a page from one of his own mentor companies, paying tribute to Zaha Hadid’s chaotic organic approach to architecture. The buildings look massive, sublime, and like a literal oasis of shimmering hope in an arid desert. Vojtek’s IG is a great source for eclectic, appealing content, and deserves a follow!

Carlos Bañón Goh (@carlosbannon)

It’s just extremely encouraging when we see professors experimenting with AI tools instead of being strict puritanical traditionalists. An Associate Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Design at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Carlos Bañón Goh uses AI tools to explore new styles of art, architecture, and digital manufacturing. An example lies in his explorations with Renaissance art and modern products like wireless mice (you NEED to see his series on Michaelangelo-inspired mice!), although our favorite remains his steady obsession with staircases. Carlos loves experimenting with applying new architectural/visual styles to staircases, like minimalism, blobject, art deco, and art nouveau (like the black staircase on the top left). View all of Carlos’ AI experiments on his Instagram.

Daryl Anselmo (@darylanselmo)

Daryl Anselmo stands out with both his designs and his professional background. An Art Director for Games and New Media, having worked with companies like Disney, EA, and Zynga, Daryl believes in using AI to build worlds. He doesn’t make buildings, he makes societies and urban cultures. He doesn’t make interior spaces, he weaves up interior elements that tell a distinct story and have a strong background. I use the word ‘weaves’ rather literally, referencing my favorite work from Daryl – his Heirloom Granny Square Sitting Rooms collection. Creating living rooms that have been crochet-bombed and bedazzled by enthusiastic grandmas, these interiors are an explosion of color, contrast, and textures. Every inch of every photo has woven elements in it, whether it’s quilts, furniture, or even dreamcatchers hanging from the ceiling. There’s a simultaneous feeling of comfort and of bursting vibrance in these interiors, but don’t take my word for it… visit Daryl’s Instagram to see the other beautiful work he’s creating using AI!