“Personalized Sound Zones” are the latest game-changing feature to come to TWS earbuds

Imagine this. You’ve got your earbuds on but you can still hear the world around you. The earbuds deliver great audio directly to your ear, but they don’t sit inside your ear, which means they don’t block your hearing and they don’t get clogged with *ugh* earwax. You can hear audio clearly and privately, as people around you don’t experience any audio ‘leaking out’ of your earphones to the rest of the world. That’s the promise the nwm MBE001 TWS on-ear speakers are making with its PSZ or Personalized Sound Zone technology. Unlike bone-conducting earphones that use vibrations to deliver sound – a technology that hasn’t proven to be an effective replacement for actual audio drivers, the nwm MBE001 uses a set of audio drivers that sit right near your ear and deliver audio directly to it. This is done, while simultaneously creating a ‘personalized sound zone’ by broadcasting opposite-phase sound waves to cancel out any noise that may end up traveling to people beside you. It’s sort of like having your own personal Bluetooth speaker that only you can listen to… and the best part? You can hear everything else, like other people talking to you, cars horning, your family member asking you a quick question while you’re in a meeting, or the barista telling you how much your coffee order costs… all while the earbuds, or ear-speakers are in your ears.

Designer: NTT Sonority

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The nwm MBE001 makes it pretty clear that they aren’t ‘earbuds’. Earbuds sit within the ear, sealing the ear-canal so external sounds don’t leak in. Instead, the nwm MBE001 are dubbed ‘on-ear speakers’. They sit on your ear instead of inside it, and cleverly channel audio frequencies right into your ear canal without closing off your ear. They come with a design that helps them visually be differentiated from standard earbuds too. Instead of sitting in your ear, they hook around your ear with the audio drivers on the front, and the battery module and chipset on the back.

The technology helps you maintain your situational awareness as it lets you hear your surroundings.

Enjoy your favorite beats on an evening walk without worrying about nearby people, vehicles, or other potential hazards.

World’s first Personalized Sound Zone technology.

Wearing the nwm MBE001 on-ear speakers is no different from how you’d wear regular sports-style earphones. The earpieces hook around your ear, with the audio drivers facing the ear canal opening. Connect them to your playback device like your smartphone and the nwm MBE001 focuses audio right into your ears. The PSZ tech within the nwm MBE001 also creates a set of reverse-phase noise-canceling sound-waves, focusing them outwards. These outward-traveling waves cancel the audio playing in your ears, so that people around you can’t hear what you’re hearing.

The nwm MBE001 on-ear speakers weigh a mere 9.5 grams per earpiece (the AirPods Pro are 5.3 grams), and come with a carrying case along with a smartphone app for configuring your on-ear speakers. Designed to be compact, the carrying case doesn’t house a battery, so it won’t actively charge your earpieces, but it’ll let you connect a USB-C cable for charging the nwm MBE001 when their battery’s low. Each earpiece has enough battery power for 6 full hours of play-time, which should just about get you through a day. The smartphone app, on the other hand, lets you tap into the full potential of the earpieces, with the ability to choose between presets, see the battery level on each earpiece, and even tinker with the EQ.

Say no to immersion and yes to connecting with the world.

These on-ear speakers produce a balanced sound.

Poised to be the next-gen of audio wearables or ‘hearables’, the nwm MBE001 provides an experience that’s pretty much unlike anything else on the market. Designed to be worn day-around, the speakers are perfect for being able to listen to music and podcasts, while still being aware of the world around you, whether you’re at work, taking a walk in the park, at the gym, or even while chatting with someone as you simultaneously listen to music. The nwm MBE001 are available at $98 for one set (grab the secret discount for YD readers below), or an even further discounted $195 for two pairs of on-ear speakers!

Click Here to Buy Now: $97 $177 (45% off exclusive for YD readers). Hurry, only 30 left!