The Seiko Mai tabletop Alarm Clock looks like adorably enlarged versions of their iconic Dive Watch

The only difference is the lack of a strap, and the fact that the crown now sits at the 12 o’clock position instead.

Meet the Seiko Mai, a scaled-up version of the Japanese watchmaker’s famed SKX dive-watch collection. Designed, instead, as a tabletop clock, the Mai has an aesthetic that isn’t easy to miss. It’s pretty impressively true to its inspiration, and comes with the numbered bezel sitting against the clock’s minimalist body. The bezel doesn’t rotate, but the clock DOES come with a night feature that mimics the original, and an alarm function that can be toggled from the back, and snoozed on days where you just want those 5 more minutes in bed.

Designer: Seiko

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The Mai Alarm Clock comes in as many as 7 different color variants, modeled on the color combos seen in Seiko’s own watches. The clocks are portable for travel, running on a single AA battery, with a quartz movement on the inside and a silent sweeping seconds hand that eschews the annoying ticking sound found on most table clocks.

The night-light allows you to see the time even in the dark, glowing with the familiar Superluminova-inspired green hue seen on the watches. Powered by an LED, the night light also flashes when your alarm goes off, along with a beeping sound that’s loud enough to wake up even the most sound sleepers.

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