This Hammock Rocking-Chair hybrid is perfect for lounging by the poolside, porch, or even your high-rise balcony

Inspired by tropical elements like the shape of a surfboard, the curvature of a banana, and the overall tranquil nature of a hammock, the Panama Banana is the perfect piece of furniture for outdoor lounging. It’s as comfortable as a hammock or sun chair, but rocks to and fro like a rocking chair, giving you an experience that’s sure to steal your entire afternoon and some more.

Designer: Agota Rimsaite

The Panama Banana is characterized by two arched birchwood strips joint at the ends, with polyester straps connecting the area in between to create a curved section that you can sleep or sit on. At about 6.8 feet long and 4.2 feet wide, the Panama Banana is spacious enough for one person along with some personal objects like a book, iPad, phone, or towel. Coated with a water-resistant wax, the rocking furniture is perfect for outdoor use, or even indoor use with an outdoor view. Given its tropical influences, it’s best near a pool or on a porch or balcony facing the beach.

Weighing just 11 kilograms (24.2 lbs), it’s lightweight enough to be moved around so you can gather two loungers together and chill with a buddy or your partner. Wooden channels that run horizontally between the two arches can be unplugged, allowing the Panama Banana to fold flat for easier moving and carrying. To reassemble it, just install the horizontal channels and your Panama Banana is ready to be lounged on! The Panama Banana is long enough to stretch yourself comfortably, even encouraging you to take a nap should you choose. Remember to wear sunscreen, though.

“[The Panama Banana] is made by local materials from Baltic region,” says designer Agota Rimsaite. “The wood work of this design mainly involves craftsmanship, done with deep care for details and main focus for sustainable processes.”

The Panama Banana is a past winner of the A’ Design Award.