Most Buzzed Designs of October 2017


Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in October 2017.


We’re always in the mooooood for a good packaging design and this one is udderly the best! Quite simply, it’s shaped like a cows udder which is not only freakin’ cute but ergonomic.

Using a heat, steam and an internal pressing machine, it irons your clothes for you.


The O’ket power strip makes it possible to combine and switch up your plug arrangements. The sockets are perfectly spaced to accommodate varying sizes and shapes.


Fidget spinners are toys, the ONO Roller is a mentally and physically therapeutic product.



Designer Michio Papers created Google Link, a bridge between the two faces of the tech industry to revive the laptop and the tablet while giving them the makeover they needed.


That whole Air Umbrella thing never really took off because the tech just isn’t quite there yet. But now there’s a new design utilizing air and it’s dominating the staying-dry game!

Called Plevo, it’s a luggage designed for those of us who don’t want wrinkles in our clothes, are always in desperate need of a phone charger and are obsessive about security.


This truck doesn’t require a driver thanks to the autonomous functionality, so in-turn, the Surus also doesn’t need a cabin.


Altern isn’t quite a bus, but it’s not quite a train! Instead, this transportation hybrid takes the best qualities of both to maximize the existing urban architecture within cities.

The Modern Fuel Pencil 2.0 just embodies visual perfection. For starters, the tolerances are so low and the parts fit together with such mechanical precision, you can seldom see parting lines, and that’s what makes the Modern Fuel 2.0 so visually… perfect.


This Joshua Tree Residence is a true thing of beauty – breaking out from its core and exploding in all directions. The exterior reaches out like branches of a tree, soaking up every ray of light the day will give.