Cyberpunk earbuds are for Esports gamers craving style with comfort

TWS Earbuds come in endless options right from the ones with ANC, beefy battery, or amazing sound quality. The ones targeted at gamers and geeks need to have some or all of these attributes while having some extra zing in the form of a cool theme.

Following suit, these Cyberpunk-inspired earbuds concept is so wantable that I crave a pair right away but will have to hold the craving until they make it to the real world.

Designer:  Tim Chen

Boasting a radical design approach that’s in part influenced by the Cyberpunk world and the taillight design of iconic supercars of the current generation, these black-colored earbuds are destined for a Gen-Z music lover’s carry bag. The charging case of the Cyberpunk earbuds is equally flashy with those amber lights and cool orange hues on black canvas. While some might mistake the case for a miniature coffin but we are not complaining anyway.

What’s the battery run time, audio drivers, or kind of audio codecs supported by these earbuds is not mentioned by Tim. But for pure awesomeness of the looks they score high already. According to him the style of the earbuds is inspired by the ring light of sports cars and we can totally see why. On each of the earbuds, there’s Esports etched, hinting towards these earbuds’ gaming affinity. Thus, it would be safe to assume, the latency will be very less and premium spatial audio for clearly listening to those footsteps in a battle Royale fight.

The touch controls should be there on and around the illuminated ring rather than the stem since it is smaller than usual. One can clearly spot from the renders that they have three microphones on each bud for excellent noise canceling and call quality even in the noisiest environment.

Do you want to get your hands on a pair of Cyberpunk earbuds in the future? Then we presume the answer will be a resounding, Yes!