Air Cooling Made Portable

With road-side objects literally melting in Arizona and people cooking eggs on the sidewalks, it makes you wonder… how do we effectively battle this global warming crisis? And more personally, how do we stay cool without burning more electricity?

The answer is… Evaporative Coolers! These upright coolers can work as makeshift ACs while consuming roughly 10% of the electricity. How do they work? The cooler relies on a water tank to cool surrounding air down. The water evaporates and helps drop the temperature of the warm air. Quilo, like most evaporative coolers, uses a minimal amount of electricity to cool ambient air. Top off the Quilo with ice cubes and you can cool your air down further by up to 10°F. A dedicated ice-cube box helps the Quilo cool your air down further without wasting excess electricity like an air conditioner would.

Quilo cools in the summer, but its evaporative air technology works great in the winters too when you need a humidifier. In its humidifier mode, the Quilo uses water from its lower reservoir (which you need to top off every now and then) and makes the air humid during the dry season. It comes with a remote that allows you to work it with relative ease, and works silently, making no noise whatsoever. The fact that the Quilo, unlike air conditioners, is wheel-mounted means you can wheel it wherever you go, using it in every room of your house.

In temperate countries, especially like where I’m from, Evaporative Coolers are a heaven-sent. They operate in an area between fans and ACs, providing cool air and bringing down room temperatures, while not burning a hole through your pocket with high electricity usage. Plus the very fact that they’re portable and can be wheeled/carried from room to room makes them such a winner!

Designer: Quilo Design

BUY NOW: $129.00 $149.00











BUY NOW: $129.00 $149.00