This perfect book-bench uses Corian in an inspiring way

I remember having a bench quite similar to the ‘LAPS Bench’ that we see here. The sole purpose of my bench was to be a space where you could sit and take telephone calls. Back in the days – when mobile phones didn’t exist, dedicated benches with a table integrated, were used to place landlines and telephone directories. The 80’s children will resonate with this… but alas, we are in 2019. So the purpose of this ‘LAPS Bench’ is to hold books on the beautifully designed Corian table, which integrates with the bench.

Easy to maintain, Corian is a very versatile material and compliments the powder coated steel and wood construction of the bench. With the cushion upholstered in high quality fabric, enjoy reading your favorite magazine while you park yourself on it.

Designer: Aziz Belkharmoudi for matière première