Fancy Five

Besides being a design competition that recognizes some of the amazing talents from across the globe, the Red Dot Awards is also a resource pool of new ideas and innovative products. Products that inspire us and designs that we can own. Here is a quick recap of five products that caught our fancy from the 2014 Red Dot Awards: Product Design.

NOIZY Kameleon is a cool earbud that features multipoint connectivity. It allows you to connect two Bluetooth devices (cell phone and laptop) at the same time to one headset. This allows switching from tablet/laptop to phone and back. What we like about it is the flexibility and convenience it offers.

The SUPAflat high chair merges quality, safety and ease of use with an attractive appearance that blends seamlessly into a contemporary home environment. What we like about it is its flatpack design approach.

AURA Breathalyzer is a fancy Alcohol Breath Tester that you can take along to your next night out in town. It’s a sensible way of keeping in check the amount of alcohol you have consumed. What we like about is its high-end styling and design.

Fiskars KitchenGarden is a Mini-Greenhouse for Herbs and is adorable fit in your home. What we like about it is its innovative approach to home gardening.

The super sensible Eat’n’Out is a clever and functional 2-in-1 Lunch Bag. We love it for the practicality it offers; it holds your lunch booty and spreads out as a blanket on the floor.