Air purifying technology that’s older than electricity itself!


This innocuous little artistically presented block is quite remarkable. Sitting on a V-cut wooden stand, the block contains a honeycomb structure, meant to allow air to pass through. Why? Because the Chikuno Cube is an air purifier.

Originally created by Japanese craftsmen four hundred years ago for its purifying properties, the Chikuno Cube is made from a mixture of activated bamboo charcoal and clay, extruded into the honeycomb structure. The clay gives the cube its shape and structure, while the activated charcoal absorbs toxins, harmful gases, traps dirt, eliminates odor, and absorbs or releases moisture depending on the environment. Truly a wonder material, the charcoal cube doesn’t require an exhaust/fan or electricity to operate, and only requires to be kept in the sun for six hours every month or so, to cleanse the cube of toxins, and keep the charcoal “active”. Made in two sizes (the larger one simply employing 4 cubes instead of 1), the Chikuno Cube is made in Kyoto from indigenous bamboo, and also happens to be a winner of the Japanese Good Design Award!

Designer: Chicuno Life

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