Hyundai NINE concept luxury sedan boasts lounge seating area in the boot

As we transition towards a clean future with electric vehicles, luxury is not going to take a backseat by any stretch of the imagination. Hyundai is also homing in on the trend of futuristic concepts that don’t compromise luxury in any way, and the Hyundai NINE concept sedan is another perfect iteration.

The sleek design of concept cars we’ve seen by the South Korean automotive giant demonstrates the shift in branding, and this ultra-luxurious sedan by a duo of designers is yet another good example. This concept design is in no way associated with Hyundai and is a mere ideation that aims to catch the attention of automotive designers from around the globe for a vision of the future.

Designer: Jeesoo Kim and Yunsik Kim

Hyundai NINE concept premium sedan draws inspiration from the company’s flamboyant Grandeur concept from the 1980s. The vehicle is powered by a powerful electric drivetrain and has an aerodynamic design for optimized reduction in drag coefficient to extend the total range even further. Carrying the DNA of a station wagon and adopting the elements of a sports car, the NINE has wraparound headlights and taillights to amplify the futuristic appeal.

There are no visible hinges on the exterior for aerodynamic efficiency, even the side mirrors have been ditched for minimalist pop-out cameras. The front section gives up on the grille for a uber futuristic panel with the headlights hiding in design. Tail end of the concept sedan is topped by a transparent diffuser to further reduce air turbulence. While the EV seems to have a muted aero-kitted sports car aesthetic, everything is balanced well to not be overkill.

The designers imagine this luxury Hyundai sedan to ride on aero-inspired four-arm wheels. Those rear ones are covered by the bodywork thereby smoothing the airflow further. That said, the most noticeable feature of NINE is the boot section which hides a lounge seat for relaxing during long, grueling journeys. This section can be revealed with the push of the buttons as the wraparound LED taillights pivot around to give way to the space.