A Gem of a car


Very often we find ourselves looking at concept cars as somewhat a view into the future of the automotive industry but rarely take a step back to admire the beauty and true aesthetic story of the vehicle itself. One concept that’s really stood out to me of late is the astounding Lexus Facet by Sung Kim. Having studied diamond-cutting and the facets involved, Kim wished to apply this vision to the Lexus design language – and with doing so, creating a work of art in itself.

The body of the Lexus Facet is somewhat of an art installation that steals your attention with each panel that gleams. Using 3D printed fabrication, Kim achieved the facets by creating and aligning them to various converging points within in the space – giving us this edgy design aesthetic found on the Lexus Facet. Having incorporated the side windows with the body of the Facet, the overall size of the vehicle is visually reduced, making this 4-wheeler appear a lot smaller than it is, which I find very smart. I’ve always been a fan of polygonal forms, and I believe mixed with the symmetry of the vehicle itself, the Lexus Facet is a true beauty and something that would be an admired for years to come if we ever saw it hit the roads.

Designer: Sung Kim