A literal Café Racer with integrated coffee grinder harnesses dissipates engine heat to brew cup of joe

Biking and enjoying a cup of coffee on destination unknowns has a deep connection. The whole experience of riding non-stop for miles only to relax at the nearest town’s most popular café. Well, that’s the adventurous life of some lucky riders who live life as free as a bird.

To enhance their experience of biking and enjoying a piping hot cup of coffee en route to new destinations, a concept gives all motorheads another excuse to hit the freeways. A Café Racer in its true sense!

Designer: You-Hao Wu

In the automotive design arena where herd behavior of mustering up electric bike concepts is a proven formula for garnering attention, Wu takes a detour with a gasoline-powered bike that has a detachable coffee grinder, secured water tank and dedicated storage section for a portable coffee pot. No this isn’t some stale April Fool’s Day joke, but a concept dedicated to the spirit of biking and satisfying the craving of drinking coffee.

The idea of an integrated coffee grinder seems absurd but the more one thinks about it, ever so probable it seems. The dissipated heat from the growling engine is put to good use for heating up the water and brewing the perfect cup of joe – just when you’ve clocked hundreds of miles, looking for a quick coffee break. With Cafe Racer, there’s no need to search for the nearest café, it’s right there – anytime, anywhere!

A café racer in the true sense, the concept motorcycle is a convenient and practical solution for riders who deem hot coffee as their holy grail. Fitting in such a complex coffee-making mechanism doesn’t in any way hinder the riding position or weight balance of the Café Racer. The designer imagines the bike in two color options – light brown with cream and black with silver. I prefer the former because of the whole theme – remember it’s centered around brewing your own cup of coffee.