Have A Different Car Everyday

MOY koncept was made for a generation used to using media to express themselves. The idea is everyone can design their own car on their own computer and then apply the design to their vehicle wirelessly or share it with others thru a website or even email. For those lacking creative skillz, there’s a slew of templates to choose from. The car is always connected so imagine dynamically changing your vehicle’s skin in motion. WAIT it doesn’t stop. Since MOY can display both static images and videos it can be used as a new medium for promotion too!

Is the tech feasible? Well it’s powered by in-wheel electric motots. The body of the car is made of outer and inner policarbonate layers, with layers of liquid cristals, LED diodes and electrochromic foil (film) inbetween.

Tho I love the idea, if MySpace taught us one thing it’s that MOST people are not designers and I guarantee if the Moy or something like it ever comes to fruition, we might as well hang up our preverbal coat because personal creativity always trumps manufactured design. We’ll have officially enter a new era of ugly meets individualism. Wait, isn’t that supposed to be a good thing?

Designer: Elvis Tomljenovic