Repurposed LEGO bricks make up this sleek light that adds fun to any home

A collusion of playfulness, the functionality of a light and the added nostalgia of repurposed LEGO bricks – the Linear LEGO Luminaire ticks all the boxes to be a part of my adult bachelor pad!

Have you ever faced that moment where your love for toys and the need to be an adult clashes? Or when you reach a point that your toys are taking over your home but you have no way to showcase them in a more modern yet functional way? There is one solution here that is sure to fit all my bills! This is the Linear LEGO Luminaire – created originally as a render to poke fun at the existing shortage of aluminium, the LEGO Luminaire and it’s response took the studio by shock!

Designer: ambience + Symphony Lighting

Speaking of the design, the light is made entirely out of repurposed bricks and plates. The light uses an opal diffused LED extrusion to create a diffused illumination that creates a sleek outlet to let the light shine. The light can be used in multiple ways – as a pendent light hanging from the ceiling or even as a standing light that stands tall on the floor.

The lamp has been designed using a symphony of colours that provides a harmonious balance. The lamp is supported by a two-toned, colour matched cables to keep the light in place. This piece is a part of the Symphony range by ambience studio – a range that focuses on strip-based lighting designs. Quirky yet minimalistic, this light creates a kaleidoscope of balanced colour and fun, making it the perfect addition to any home. And for sure, this light adds a bit of fun and promises to become a guaranteed conversation starter every time!