Wirelessly charging side table gets your phone juiced while you snooze

Wireless chargers are rapidly becoming a common piece of kit within our homes, however the vast majority of these have been designed to work with existing side-tables and desks which can lead to a disconnected aesthetic. This is where TWORAY stands out, as it pairs the convenience of wireless charging with the usability of a side-table.

The wireless charging element of TWORAY can be found on the elevated platform; the charging tray can comfortably charge three devices without the abundance of wires that normally comes with the charging process. To enhance its usability even further, the charging tray is removable for it to not be limited to being solely used by the bedside.

A significant requirement for the product was for it to seamlessly melt into the environment it is placed within and harmonize with the existing furnishings within the room. We think it’s fair to say that this has been achieved; with its elegant frame-work and conventional design language, it is sure to be a desirable product!

Designer: Chanyeop Jeong

This wireless charging tray is removable. With built-in battery, it allows you to enjoy the benefit of wireless charging anywhere besides the bed.

The wireless charging tray with three coils can charge three products at the same time. And the linear volume which extends in different directions eliminates heat accidents. Also, the lighting located at each coil position allows the charging position to be recognized in the dark.