Spectacular Ideas for Children’s Wardrobes

The children’s wardrobe should not only be highly functional but also spark the creativity and imagination of the kids. So, break away from using single colors and experiment with various design themes as well as low-contrast and high-contrast color combinations. Plus, making space for neatly storing clothes, toys, and books can be fun, especially in a themed space where the bedroom decor can reflect your child’s tastes, interests, and personality. Here are some stunning ideas that will give you some food for thought and allow you to go wild and creative with your imagination.

Designer: Elena Likhacheva

1. Cool Tones

The wardrobe is designed with cool blue and white tones to create a restful space. Each wardrobe panel is demarcated with different heights of white arches. Note that the lighter shade of blue makes the space appear much bigger.

Designer: alanbuchana

2. Wardrobe cum Window Seat

The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe encloses a window seat and optimizes vertical space. It houses a window seat that provides extra seating under cabinet storage and brings in natural light. Hues of sage green, mustard yellow, and white are smartly used to demarcate different sections of the wardrobe.

Designer: Carafina

3. Curved Silhouettes

Rounded edges introduce softness, while reflective mirror surfaces on the cabinets add quirkiness to this bedroom. Children are usually fascinated by some animals and see them as a source of inspiration. A fusion of pastel hues creates a fun element. A penguin on the wardrobe shutter and rabbit-shaped ears behind the drawer unit form an interesting design feature. Just see how the combination of opaque and reflective surfaces forms a beautiful contrast of color and materials and creates the illusion of a larger space.

Designer: Shiima Ibrahim

4. Under Cabinet Lighting

Compact yet functional, just see how the triangular form of the soft board has provision for under cabinet lighting and provides adequate task lighting for studying. In addition, the profile of the overhead cabinet moves a step further onto the wardrobe in the form of an inverted triangle in woody tones to smartly complete the look.

Designer: Shushan Vardanyan

5. Cozy Nook

Ideal for cozy seating, this custom-made hut-shaped seating nook adds depth and dimension to an all-white wardrobe. The wooden flooring and seating nook infuse warmth into the space.

Designer: Alpnach Cabinets

6. Rainbow Cheer

Just see how the rainbow colors add cheer and work as a strong design element in the form of vertical stripes on the wardrobe shutters. In addition, a semi-circular rainbow design is integrated into the ceiling to accentuate its look, while colorful corner shelves add life to the surrounding decor.

Designer: Interrio Concepts Studio

7. Ripples

Evocative of water ripples, a circular knob is surrounded by concentric rings, forming a prominent design feature on this blue-hued floor-to-ceiling wardrobe. It extends further to become a floating study unit and makes excellent use of the corner of this room. This design typically does not break the continuity of the wardrobe and makes multi-functional use of the corner space. It contrasts beautifully with the grey and white tone of the room.

8. Branches

The branch shape handles of the wardrobe infuse a forest vibe into the décor of this children’s room. Here the idea has moved a step further into the ceiling light fixture. The white and peach color palette brings a snowy wintery feel into the décor.

Designer: Ekaterina Domracheva

9. Pastel-hued Wardrobe

Every child loves colors! Bring in a good dose of color with a fusion of pink and blue hues of this children’s wardrobe, making it a perfect gender-neutral place. A niche is created within the center of the wardrobe that transforms into a sitting nook and imparts a neat, clutter-free look. The seating nook is surrounded by a curling display of open shelves for books and toy storage that is in perfect flow and rhythm. The open sections at the base of the wardrobe make provision for keeping storage boxes.

Designer: The Art Group by Daria Vasilkova

10. Wave Pattern

Featuring a myriad of shapes and forms, this sweet and sophisticated children’s bedroom includes curved surfaces that integrate the seating nook, built-in shelves, and closed cabinets into a single entity. The combination of peach, white, and grey creates a soothing color palette that infuses a calm and peaceful vibe into the space. The room is a haven of fun and play with plenty of open floor space.

Designers: Ebrahim Gamal, Basant Alaa

11. Space-Inspired Decor

The wardrobe shutters are inspired by rockets, satellites, and UFOs and are a perfect theme for aspiring astronauts, while a lego theme is introduced for the side wardrobes. Different sections of the wardrobe are perfect for tucking away toys, books, accessories, and clothes.

12. Wardrobe cum Study Unit

This well-designed study cum wardrobe in pastel hues is perfect for housing books, clothes, stationary, toys, and other knick-knacks. A fusion of closed and open storage with provision for adequate lighting creates an interesting design feature.

Designer: Mamka

13. Cubes

Cube-shaped open shelves combine with an all-white wardrobe and storage boxes to create an efficient storage solution. The white cabinet shutters are wonderfully contrasted with woody tones and hues of deep grey behind the TV unit.

Designer: Mamka

14. Bright Hues

In this, hues of green, white, and yellow are used to create an interesting layered pattern. Note that laminate finishes are easy to clean and maintain.

Designer: Bonito Designs

15. Color Blocking

Color blocking is a method of using two or more solid colors to create a bold look that stimulates the creative side of children. An exciting contrast of warm yellow and cool blue hues demarcates different wardrobe surfaces and brilliantly introduces color into a neutral-hued space. The low drawers offer practical storage and are easily accessible by the kids.

Designer: Moretti Compact

16. Calm Color Palette

Introduce an unusual combination of multiple colors within a single space. A fusion of earthy colors in muted tones combines with warm lighting, creating a restful space that does not look overwhelming.

17. Geometric Shapes

The arched design on the door and geometric-shaped cut-outs in the wardrobe shutters create a playful look in the children’s bedroom. The best part about a children’s bedroom is that it can easily handle contrasting colors and geometric shapes.

Designer: HAO Design

18. Sophisticated Color Scheme

This sophisticated bedroom incorporates grey and burgundy colors that blend with similar-hued wallpaper and a biophilic theme that brings nature indoors. All the design elements come together to create a well-coordinated color scheme.

Designer: Asia Design

19. Bubbly Pink

This girl’s bedroom has a magical and dreamy aesthetic achieved with a light and airy palette of pinks that prevents the wardrobes from looking bulky. Nature-inspired wallpaper accents the arched wall behind the seating and functions as an interactive backdrop within the bedroom. The décor exhibits a beautiful combination of modern and classical elements.

Designer: Daniel Design Studio

20. A Round Reading Nook

Reading is a wonderful habit, and the child’s room should be designed to encourage it! Give a private space to your little one to escape into a fantasy land while reading a book. Don’t miss the functional bunny rabbit-shaped wardrobe handles that add a fairy-tale vibe to the space.

Designer: Daniel Design Studio

So let your creative juices flow and add a playful flair to the wardrobes of your kid’s bedroom. A well-designed space looks great and is important for your child’s overall development.