This minimal + sustainable side table has a self-assembly design and a unique origin/inspiration story

A beautifully designed minimal piece of furniture has the power to lend an air of elegance and calm to an otherwise mundane or messy space. It doesn’t have to be large, nor does it have to be woven with bells and tassels, its simplistic minimal demeanor is enough to add an interesting spark to a basic living room. And the Bündner Side Table is an example of such a piece of furniture. If you look closely, the side table looks as if it could suffice as a stool as well, although I’m not sure if it could handle that additional weight, so for now, let’s just assume that it functions simply as a side table.

Designer: Joana Vilaça Studio

Designed by the Portuguese architecture and design studio Joana Vilaça Studio, the Bündner Side table is a solid wood table that is artfully inspired by the Swiss Alps lifestyle. It’s a rather interesting muse for a meager table, and not a very common one either. However, Joana drew inspiration from her own experience of living in Switzerland, where her studio is located. “Having lived for five years in the beautiful Graubünden canton of Switzerland, the collection is inspired by the art of living in the Swiss Alps,” she said. The aforementioned collection is the Bündner Collection, of which the side table is a part.

The low-slung side table features a round top with a 42-centimeter diameter and is available in options of oak or ash wood. Both types of wood are available in a diverse range of finishes – such as natural, oiled or matt lacquered. What makes the side table even more interesting is that you can assemble it yourself! The self-assembly design is ideal for residential or public interiors, where it can be utilized as a bedside, coffee, or side table. “The possibility of self-assembly makes it playful. Sustainable materials and carefully chosen wood are combined with contemporary design,” said Joana.

“The Bündner collection brings together quality materials, craftsmanship, and durability,” said Joana “Due to the characteristics of solid wood, each piece is unique.” In fact, the tiny Bündner side table comes in a larger version as well, which is suitable for dining. The two would pair up well.