Dreadnort POD is a capable multi-utility travel trailer, portable office with a gullwing door

With the kind of creativity and engineering going into contemporary tiny homes in the US, one cannot have enough. A look around the inside and you marvel at how much comfort and convenience can be packed into such a small space. From the plush bedding to the fully-equipped kitchenette, within an equipped towable, you know, no matter where your adventures take you, you’ll always be safe and comfortable.

While the US already has existing infra and interesting caravans, New Zealand is only catching up with the likes of Dreadnort Boats creating multi-use portable structures that can be utilized as a mobile office, tiny home, or a camping trailer.

Designer: Dreadnort Boats

Case in point, the POD (Point of Difference in full), is a multi-utility structure that will put some of the more interesting options in the West to shame. Designed to be a tsunami shelter that doubles as a boat or a trailer, the POD, in its current stage, is not equipped for emergencies, owing to its door design and big panoramic windows.

Despite not being tsunami-proof as of yet the POD is a capable portable office with a gullwing door. Made from marine grade aluminum, the main body of the caravan rests almost 4in from the ground and it measures 5.1m x 2.5m x 2.5m, which renders it towable inside a 20-foot shipping container or behind a vehicle as a trailer.

The interesting aspect of the peculiar looking towable from Dreadnort Boats is V-shaped seating with a drop-down table that transforms into a sleeping area by night. Considering the multiple usages of the POD, it is customizable with 150-watt solar panels. The builders are working on several other layouts for the POD to make it useful as a food cart, kiosk, houseboat or anything the client wishes to use a mobile living unit for. A fully finished POD starts at about $60,000 (customization would cost extra).