This minimal white office pod can be folded down in three steps and stored away when not in use

Honestly, in time I’ve really come to love office pods. Office pods have gotten supremely popular ever since COVID-19 hit, not only do they create little isolated spaces to work in, but they also provide a whole other level of privacy, that would have been otherwise unimaginable and completely unattainable in a commercial office. There are quite a few versatile options on the market when it comes to office pods, and a pretty neat one I recently came across is the Mono study pod.

Designer: Philip Bogaerts and René Vullings for Bogaerts

Designers Philip Bogaerts and René Vullings designed the Mono study pod for the office furniture brand.  The Mono study pod functions as a sound-dampened workspace that can be folded and stored away. The designers designed the Mono pod to be a flexible and mobile furniture piece, that can be folded down in three simple steps. The minimal white study pod features a high back and is available in an option of single or double-sized seat which has been neatly integrated into the back wall.

“Mono is ideal for usage in spaces where temporary extra working settings are needed or it can be installed permanently. By using the integrated linking system, the Monos can be placed facing the front or front and back to create a more individual setting,” said Bogaerts. The Mono pod also comes in different variations, for example, the T version has a fold-out table and has been amped with optional wheels for easy transportation. Whereas the Mono Desk and the Mono Phonebooth versions feature desks on the back wall – at both seated and standing heights.

The pods have been constructed from plywood and recycled PET felt which provides them with their sound absorption quality. The various individual pods can be linked and connected together to create a unified workspace configuration. The Mono pod has the ability to provide employees with their own private workspace, allowing them to veer away from workplace distractions. However, at the same time, since the pods can be linked together, it does create a unified sense of space, where employees have their own personal space, while staying connected with the rest of the office.