Anti-drowning Drones


Robots and drones might be replacing jobs but that doesn’t mean it’s always a bad thing! The Amphibious Joint-Lifeguard UAV is one example that makes perfect sense if we can pull it off.

Whether it’s at the beach or a pool, the idea is that a drone can reach a drowning individual much faster than another human who has to swim a distance before making a rescue. Designed to be introduced into regular rescue practice, this UAV can be controlled by lifeguards as a first response solution. It can fly directly overhead before being safely lowered to the individual in need. Once it arrives, they can climb on board and float to safety. In more serious circumstances where the person is unresponsive, the drone can provide temporary floatation until rescuers can arrive.

Amphibious Joint-Lifeguard UAV is a Winner of the 2017 Red Dot Concept Award.

Designer: Sarsenbek Hazken