This futuristic travel trailer pops-up into a luxurious home in the great outdoors

If you’re looking for an expandable home on wheels to tow behind your EV, you have a few existing options already. However, if you’re not instantly in the market for a towable, and can wait for a couple of years, a ground-breaking travel trailer is in the works. It is solar-powered, furnished with modular furniture, and customizable to user requirements, but that’s not it!

Camping with family, friends or even when you’re in the outdoors all solo, a travel trailer ensures convenience and comfort. A towable with the ideal balance of luxury and convenience maintains unforgettable outdoor adventure, and this is what this Grounded RV’s towable with a unique aerodynamic design guarantees.

Designer: Grounded

Made from advanced composite materials, the expandable towable is designed durable and lightweight. This streamlined layout reduces drag to make sure you get enhanced fuel efficiency, while the RV’s unique hydraulic system ensures smooth transition between towing and living model.

The very compact trailer is easy to store and maneuver. But once you are ready to camp, the trailer’s roof pops-up (in its entirety) to create 6.5 feet of headroom. Furnished with large glass windows for a panoramic view the trailer has a spacious interior equipped with a fully-functional kitchen, modular furniture, customizable queen bed, pull-out table, dry toilet, and spacious sitting area, thereby offering all the comforts of the home in the great outdoors.

The interior is insulated while the rooftop 1,500W solar panels power the remotely controlled electronics and appliances. Based on a modular layout, the travel trailer can be customized to suit each occupant’s requirement, fitting piece by piece according to need.

The Grounded RV’s futuristic towable is expected to ship in 2025 with a weather-resistant exterior and modern aesthetics to leave most RV makers thinking. With all the fancy antics, the interesting concept puts durability, comfort, and sustainability at the forefront, which has left the outdoorsy in me excited.