This reinforced vehicle storage system is the protection your gear needs to stay safe while adventuring outdoors!

For a true professional globe trotter, their gear is the biggest asset – be it a snowboarder, photographer, blogger, adventure junkie, or drone operator. Hauling gear from one location to the other comes with its set of unforeseen circumstances – inclement weather, chances of a robbery, or damage during the transit itself. This is where you need robust, customizable storage to fit in the bay of your ride – be it a pickup truck, SUV, or even sedan. TruckVault creates state-of-the-art storage vaults for creative people who like their life organized and non-compromised at all costs.

Much attention has been given to the usage of the vaults, therefore, they are made out of tough MDO and are insulated against fire or freezing temperatures. They are dust and grit-free while also providing insulation from moisture built up inside. Thanks to the premium insulation and design, the gear inside won’t make that irking sound whenever you hit a bump on the road. For people who take security pretty seriously, the TruckVault’s custom storage vaults for vehicles can be had in a five-button combination lock with key override too. The possibilities with them are endless, thanks to the limitless customizations one can go for depending on their vehicle type or particular requirements.

Incepted by Al Chandler a couple of decades ago, the venture started as a one-off custom build by Al to store his firearms and gear in the bed of his truck. As others found it to be a good enough solution to carry anything important, TruckVault evolved into a custom provider for safe and secure storage that’s the safest way to move your valuables from one location to the other. Now they take privilege in providing their customers with custom in-vehicle storage rigs that are invisible. Their prized clients include adventure seekers, hunters, sportspeople, law enforcement agents, military personnel, or commercial and residential tradespeople.

Designer: TruckVault