Multifunctional MagSafe Wallet makes sure your cards will never go missing again

Like a true trailblazer, Apple took the existing wireless charging technology and made it into an exciting new trend that’s taking the smartphone accessory market by storm. Although it is primarily meant to address one of the biggest problems with wireless charging, the new MagSafe also opened the doors for more gadgets, accessories, and trinkets that take advantage of that magnetic connection. That even includes some things you might not immediately associate with a phone, like this stylish magnetic wallet that sticks to your phone almost like glue. More than just making sure your cards and IDs are always with you, this multi-talented accessory will give you peace of mind that even if you misplace it, you’ll always be able to find it again, no matter where it is.

Designer: Sam Xu

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MagSafe wallets are admittedly not new, and even Apple sells its own official pieces. Ironically, these first-party wallets don’t take full advantage of all the technologies that Apple has to offer, particularly when it comes to locating lost stuff. Apple might prefer that you buy its AirTag separately, but that’s not something you can add to the Apple MagSafe leather wallet anyway, at least not without resorting to ugly hacks.

Snap On – More than double the strength of the official MagSafe Wallet via powerful built-in magnets with 1,500 g of holding force.

Simplified – Simply push your finger into the bottom cutout to instantly pop a card out and get on with doing your thing.

The ESR Geo Wallet combines these two functions into a single elegant piece that can also do more than just stick to the back of your iPhone. At its core, it is an elegant wallet that can hold up to three cards, keeping them safe while also providing easy access when you need them. An inner dynamic tension spring secures your cards in place, but all you need is a simple push from the bottom cutout to pop out the card you need in a flash. And with a holding force of about 1,500g, you can rest assured that it won’t suddenly detach from your phone the moment you pull it out of your pocket or bag.

Go Longer – The built-in rechargeable battery goes for 3 months on a single charge and lasts for years, so you can keep your wallet longer and reduce waste.

Find It – Instantly see your Wallet’s real-time location, play a sound, and receive Left Behind notifications.

What makes the ESR Geo Wallet special, however, is its official Apple certification for the Find My feature. What this means is that it takes almost no work to pair the wallet with your iPhone so that it never gets lost. Apple’s Find My network warns you when you’ve left the wallet behind and also lets you locate it, even when it’s out of range. And if those two functions aren’t already enough to convince you, the ESR Geo Wallet, fortunately, still has a few tricks up its sleeve to win you over.

Steady Hold – Letting you easily slide in any finger, the loop provides a close, snug fit and quickly folds flat when you’re ready to pocket your phone.

View It – Create a powerfully stable stand at any angle between 15° and 170°, portrait or landscape.

For one, it has a built-in finger loop that lets you hold the phone with confidence, especially considering how strong the magnets are in staying where they should. The wallet also opens up to become an extremely useful phone stand that, thanks to MagSafe’s versatility, can hold the phone up vertically or horizontally as needed. It might be called a wallet, but the ESR Geo Wallet definitely does more than hold your cards. Its Apple Find My capability and added features truly make it a must-have for any iPhone owner, all for the sweet Super Early Bird price of $31.

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $39 (20% off). Hurry, only 571/999 left!