A tree-branch inspired self-balancing hairdryer

A hairdryer’s aesthetic isn’t limited to the mundane form that we find on conventional hairdryers, leading to potential for more visually interesting and captivating forms to be explored. This is exactly what Branch displays, as it takes inspiration for its intriguing structure from nature!

Influenced by the distinctive shape of a tree branch, this hairdryer certainly carries a more unique form factor, that is both engaging and friendly. The asymmetric form brings an element of visual suspense to the product through a sense of imbalance. The device perches gracefully on the cradle, creating a strong sculpture-like structure that sits confidentially within the room. Free from fussy features that may clutter the minimal aesthetic, careful attention has instead been paid to Branch’s finishes and detailing to create a captivating hairdryer. This, paired with subtle color variants, leads to a product that sits beautifully within the domestic environment.

Designer: Seokmoon Woo