Official LEGO Jaws set commemorates 50 years of Steven Spielberg’s legendary movie

LEGO Ideas has materialized the imagination of sports fans, motorheads, superhero fans, and everything else in between. The pure joy of putting together an intricate LEGO set has made it a collector’s passion to adorn living room shelves with their favorite creations. The latest addition to the LEGO Ideas universe is the famous Jaws movie set.

As a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s iconic movie coming up in 2025, LEGO has introduced this interesting set well in advance. The 1,497-pice set is designed by Johnny Campbell, depicting the famous scene where the vicious shark is chasing down the Orca boat. police chief Martin Brody, biologist Matt Hooper, and sailor Sam Quint minifigures can be seen trying to fend off the big shark as it takes a big chunk of the boat stern.

Designer: LEGO

Like all times LEGO Ideas doesn’t miss all the important details for this nostalgic set. Elements like the boat’s cabin with removable roof, adjustable boom and rigging, revolver, compass, harpoon, spear, fishing rod and yellow barrels. The set has a large base that depicts the turbulent waters on which the epic scene is recreated in full glory. Movie fans will instantly recognize the printed quote by Chief Brody “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” on the front side of the base. Alternatively, you can also choose to put together the set with the huge monster on a stand and the ship in one piece.

According to Jhonny, the JAWS movie is his favorite and now realizing it as an official LEGO set is a dream come true. The set came together after freeze-framing the famous scene and then analyzing the finer details to design all the pieces. He added that he can’t wait to see it in a LEGO shop and see someone buying it. For LEGO Insiders the set will be available from 3 July 2024 and others can get their hands on it from 6th August 2024. Priced at $150, this one is surely going to adorn countless shelves and desk setups.