‘Apple iPhone meets Samsung Galaxy S Series’ to derive the best of both worlds

While Apple and Samsung stand on opposite side of the ring, intending to outmaneuver the other with antics on the surface and inside their smartphones; a designer presents a peach of an idea that will make eyes roll at the audacity.

With the ahead of himself idea of “Apple iPhone meets Samsung Galaxy S series,” Michael Ma has left me confused – I don’t like it, and I cannot pass it either. This ‘combo is a dream design Michael has been wanting to see on a modern smartphone,’ but I’m not sure how many others want it. Like it or not, it is a fantastic iteration for many reasons and deserves a curious look.

Designer: Michael Ma

While an iPhone x Galaxy combo will not happen unless the two technology giants stop making smartphones one day and someone gathers the mettle to marry the facets of iPhone and Galaxy S. Until that happens; if you are someone like Michael, who finds himself carrying an iPhone and a Samsung device together, this is one idea that could save you the effort.

With its 6.1-inch Retina display, the device is idolized with an edge-to-edge screen. Along with trimming the bezel to negligible, the screen is devoid of the iPhone notch with an option of either a hole-punch or under-display camera with a TrueDepth sensor.

The polished aluminum design on the front, and the frame on the sides – with soft curves on the edges – are inspired by the iPhone. The camera array on the back is where the Samsung touch first appears. The Galaxy S series style triple camera module highlights the frosted cover glass back of the smartphone.

Things really become interesting at the bottom of the Apple iPhone meets Samsung Galaxy S series concept. Here the iPhone-style stereo speaker grills are symmetrically placed with a Type-C charging port in the middle. Irrespective of the fact that this design is not going to get approval in Seoul or Cupertino, it is a fan idea that deserves love!