One Smart Pendant Garden

The Babylon Garden brings us closer to nature – with sheer simplicity. Plants are suspended in a cycling nutrient enriched clay-based soil solution that provides the perfect conditions for fast and healthy growth. Sensors detect the levels of Ethylene, so when the fruit, vegetable or herb is ripe or ready to eat, notifications are sent to your Nest app so you can harvest and enjoy the freshest home-grown food!

The Nest app develops an accurate user profile the more you use it by taking your dietary preferences to suggest personalized recipes using the freshest ingredients from your hanging garden. The recipes you select are then fed back into the Nest database to generate better recipe suggestions and recommendations for the hanging garden. As an added bonus, the hanging garden also work with your Nest thermostat to circulate air in your kitchen with blameless fan technology. It also illuminates your worktop with built-in LED lights.

Designer: Jessica Carver