20 degree tilt pet bowl keeps food from pouring out

Eating time should be a fun and enriching time to nourish not only the body but also the mind and the heart. That’s true not just for humans who often socialize during these moments but also for our little family members who become closer to their humans at opportunities like these. Alas, eating time can sometimes be stressful instead, both for pets who can’t but help spill food out of their bowls as well as for the humans who need to clean up afterward. Attempting to return dinnertime to its original atmosphere, this fine-looking food bowl for furry friends brings something that’s not only beautiful but also functional, utilizing human creativity and craftsmanship to make a pet bowl that delivers a pleasant experience for everyone at home.

Designer: Ena Metal

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Some pet owners might think that the stereotypical flat bowl would be enough for pets, and that might be fine if you’re also OK with using plain, mass-produced tableware for yourself. You could argue, however, that just as you deserve well-designed things that make life more enjoyable, so does your little family, especially when it comes to eating food. You don’t need to go the hi-tech route just to achieve that, however. In fact, going “au naturale” might be an even better answer.

Swelltone delivers that kind of solution by focusing not on the food but on the food bowl, putting the eating experience above the expensive edibles. It makes “ease of eating” the focus of its design, and it does so in a simple yet effective way. The stainless steel bowl that holds the food can tilt up to an angle of 20 degrees, which makes it easy for pets to slurp every last bit without spilling their food. Coincidentally, this also gives their human owners peace of mind that they won’t have to clean up after their pets after meals.

This handsome dinnerware for pets is made of two parts, both finely crafted and beautiful on their own. The wooden base is made of fine Japanese cypress that literally and figuratively puts the bowl on a pedestal. That bowl is made from SUS304 stainless steel and is made by the same craftsmen who create precision parts for automobiles and aircraft. Together, this pet bowl looks posh whether it’s on the floor or on the kitchen counterpart, serving as a piece of minimalist decor when it’s not in use.

The bowl, however, does more than offer a visual delight to humans and pets alike. Drop pieces of dry food into it, and you’ll hear the luxurious tones resounding from the bowl, giving justification to its name. Whether your pet is eating from it or you’re still preparing its tasty treat, this handsome food receptacle offers a more pleasant and memorable experience that goes beyond just the act of eating, strengthening the bonds between humans and their little families every meal time.

Click Here to Buy Now: $296 $349 (15% off and free worldwide shipping at checkout). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours.